Who we are

BLife Team is team of dedicated people aimed to bring you the best extensions on the market while solving your everyday needs


Our team is aimed to create the best quality products so that they would be convenient, effective, fun, and very easy to use by anyone.


We gathered under our roof the industry-leading professionals with great skills and knowledge in sound and programming.


Projects are worthless if they are created without passion. Developers of our applications are filled with passion, that’s why our apps are enjoyed by many.

If you want to take part in something great and helpful, funny and inspiring, or simply have an idea for a project or how to make existing apps better – drop us a line.

Latest from our Chrome Browser extensions

We are working hard to bring you the best quality Chrome Browser Extensions to suit your everyday needs while having fun. Like our most popular entertainment extension Custom Progress Bar for YouTube.

Volume Controller Chrome Browser Extension

Volume Controller

Audio Volume Controller for Chrome. Set sound level for each tab separately with audio sound booster. Individually control volume…

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