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Our Chrome Browser extensions are aimed to help you with your sound requests while adding fun and colors to it!

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Sound enhancements that will make you smile.

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We proudly present you with our projects to provide you with a better experience on your audio and YouTube endeavours

Progress bar that will make you fall in love with
Custom Progress Bar for YouTube
Tune your sound to the max
Equalizer for Chrome
Your extra sound dream have come true
Volume Controller
YouTube will play with new colors with this extension
Theme & Color Changer for Youtube™


What Our Client’s Say

We have a wonderful community that supports us in comments with bright ideas and very informative feedbacks!

G22 Sambale, Alexa Antoinette
G22 Sambale, Alexa Antoinette,
Volume Controller

Used it to turn up the volume of twitch and lower the volume of my teacher teaching. Love it, recommend it to everyone.

LittleLuna,Custom Progress bar for YouTube™
Custom Progress bar for YouTube™

It definitely works! The options are adorable though I kind of wish there were more. Mt personal favorite is the swimming dog. It’s so cute! I really recommend this extension.


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Volume Controller Chrome Browser Extension

Volume Controller

Audio Volume Controller for Chrome. Set sound level for each tab separately with audio sound booster. Individually control volume…